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    Welcome To JR’s Foundation Repair

    Call JR’s Foundation for all foundation repair work in Austin, Bonham, Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Hugo, Sherman, and Waxahachie. We have in-house foundation inspection professionals and experts who know all the ways in which your foundation can be damaged or weakened as well as how to improve the stability of your home. We specialize in a wide range of foundation repair services using proven foundation products.

    Signs of an Unsound Foundation

    A well-laid foundation ensures a strong, long-lasting structure, but a poorly laid foundation is dangerous for the people inside a building. Some signs of a faulty foundation include:

    • Cracks in the walls, foundation, floor, and other parts of the building
    • The foundation sinking, settling, or upheaval
    • Sagging or uneven floors
    • Gaps around exterior doors and window frames
    • Doors that stick or don’t open and close properly
    • Counters and cabinets that have separated from the wall
    • A damp crawl space in a pier and beam house

    If you notice any of these problems in your building, call JR’s Foundation Repair for a quick and reliable service!

    Foundation Repair

    If your foundation is settling, we can stabilize it and restore the integrity of the structure. We also reinforce foundation walls with custom, innovative solutions. After that, your foundation will last many years.

    Our Services

    Our services include:

    • Home foundation repair
    • Commercial foundation repair
    • Drain correction
    • New construction pier
    • Pier and beam foundation repair
    • Roofing
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