Garland Foundation Repair – Residential & Commercial Services

We perform foundation repair work and we are the best roofing company in Garland. We have inhouse foundation inspection professionals, and experts who know all the ways in which your foundation can be damaged or weakened and how to improve the stability of your home. We also have master roofers in the company. Our services include:

  • Home foundation repair
  • Commercial foundation repair
  • Drain correction
  • New construction pier
  • Pier and beam foundation repair
  • Roofing installation and roof repair services.

Detailed Assessment

We always start with a detailed assessment of the building. We inspect the soil, the walls, floors, windows, fixtures, and doors to find out if you have foundation problems. We take detailed measurements of your roof if you we suspect roof problems. Then we discuss our findings, and prepare a customized plan and a comprehensive estimate.

Our Work

We pay attention to detail and use our expertise and specialized products and equipment to perform the work. We always leave our customers happy with our high-standard work.

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